Pride exists to bring the LGBTIQA community together, to celebrate how diverse we are as a group of wonderful people, to remember how far we’ve come and to remind ourselves and the world how much more we still have to achieve. It’s about unity, equal love and solidarity.

But…our Pride is in trouble. It costs £35-£40,000 to put on the annual Pride event we’ve all come to know and love. The charity is at risk of closing – indeed, it was closed down, but the community has spoken up and we are now doing everything in our gift to keep it alive. The reality is that the charity is in debt. Massive debt, in the region of £18,000, possibly slightly more. This event – your Pride – needs the community to come together and be the very essence of what Pride is all about.

Nottinghamshire Pride belongs to the community. It belongs to us. With enough support, we can have a Pride in 2014. Let’s fight to keep it, and make sure that Pride 2014 is an event we can all be proud of.

Are YOU proud to save Pride?

TEXT “LGBT14 £3″ TO 70070 if you’re proud to save Pride

All texts will be charged at the standard network rate. You can donate any amount through text from £1 to £10.

Alternatively, you can donate through PayPal – just go to the “Donate” page of this website and click on the Donate button.