Help us by supporting the biggest LGBTIQA event each year in Nottinghamshire!

Become a Volunteer with Nottinghamshire Pride

Volunteering can be a rewarding way to support the local community and meet like-minded people along the way.

Most of the volunteers we require are only for a few hours each year so it doesn’t have to be a huge commitment for you. That said we also welcome people who are prepared to be involved throughout the year if you have more time to spare.


Nottinghamshire Pride Day

The majority of our volunteers are only required for a few hours on Pride Day itself. This is always the last Saturday in July and this year will be 27th July 2019. Nottingham City Council are extremely supportive of our annual equality march but it simply wouldn’t happen without our much loved volunteers who steward the march and help us raise donations to allow the event to continue for the enjoyment of everyone.

Pride March Stewards

The Pride March leaves the castle area at 11am and proceeds through the city centre to Broad Street in Hockley where the enjoyment of stalls, live acts, djs and socialising takes place up to 6pm.

As a Pride March Steward you would be required for a few hours to support the safety of the march through the city centre. You are then free to enjoy the rest of the afternoon at your leisure.

We usually meet a few weeks prior to the event to give a full briefing on the day and allow you to meet with the other volunteers. We always have a Nottinghamshire Pride Volunteer Co-ordinator who is on hand as you apply and throughout the process to help with any questions.

Pride Hockley Village Donation Collectors

If you are keen to take part in the march or just be a spectator without responsibility you can still get involved by helping us after the march collect a few coins from the Pride congregation in Hockley Village during the afternoon. As a free event, donations from the public are an important way to keep the event free for everyone in Nottinghamshire in years to come. The crowd are a friendly bunch who come to enjoy the festivities so usually don’t mind sparing a loose bit of change for their day out enjoying the entertainment and atmosphere.

Again we meet a few weeks prior to brief you and let you meet felloe volunteers on the day. Full access to Nottinghamshire Pride Volunteer Co-ordinator in the lead up to the event is granted for support and comfort!

Volunteer Rewards!

As well as giving back to the community and doing something for others and yourself we always try to pull together a goodie bag of rewards for our volunteers. This can include rainbow umbrellas, t-shirts, lanyards, free sandwich and drinks for after the march and pretty much anything else we can convince local businesses to give us to thank you for your time.

Nottinghamshire Pride Committee support roles

For those wanting to play a bigger part we also welcome people to support the committee by helping with planning, co-ordinating the volunteer recruitment and networking with local business to drum up support. For this we ask for 4-5 hours a week generally for 12 weeks leading up to the event. To find out more please contact Craig Martin by email