What’s On

This year, Nottinghamshire Pride will take place in Nottingham City Centre.

As in previous years, the Pride march will leave from outside Marks and Spencer on the corner of Lister Gate and Castle Gate. People choosing to join the equality march are asked to gather from 10.00am.
The march will proceed through the city centre to Hockley village where the event will continue with live entertainment, information stalls, music and art up to 6.30pm

The Pride committee are working hard behind the scenes on this year’s entertainment and organising a fun event for all to enjoy.

This website will be updated with further details as we have them.

We want you to get the most from Nottinghamshire Pride 2020 and as you would expect there are a few practical things you need to know to help keep us all safe.

Please take the time to familiarise yourself – we’ve kept it as short as possible!

First things first…

Weather – We can’t predict the weather but please be prepared.

Hot weather – please ensure you bring suitable sun protection, sun cream 30+ factor, Hat or umbrella to provide shade and, of course water.

You will be surprised how quickly you can dehydrate. There are many venues in Nottingham that offer free water refills https://refill.org.uk/get-the-refill-app/. We recommend you download this app. If you are unable please familiarise yourself with the scheme prior to Notts Pride 19.

Rain and wind – please dress appropriately and bring an umbrella.

Extreme Weather – we will monitor, in the days leading up to the event and keep you posted via Social Media and our Website.

Look out for each other – if you see someone struggling, unwell or in distress there will be St Johns Ambulance first aid present on the day. If it is safe for you, and them, please make our first aiders aware. If there is any doubt or they are in immediate danger you should contact the emergency services immediately, dial 999.

Please also follow us on Twitter and Instagram @nottspride and like us on Facebook @nottspride for the latest updates.

The Pride march

The Pride March will start at 11.00am from Listergate, you will see a yellow sign that say’s “Pride Marchers” please start to assemble at this point.

The front of the March will assemble on Albert Street and there will be vehicles we would ask you to keep to Listergate so that we can keep you safe and get everyone in position.

Our Pride March is open to all to participate and as such there are a few points to keep in mind;

Our March is a glorious procession of colour and noise. There will be many banners, most will be of a supportive, celebratory nature and some will be in protest to some of the many inequalities we as a community face.

However if you see or are upset by banners, slogans or chanting that are Racist, Transphobic, Homophobic, Islamaphobic, Anti-Semitic or anything you consider to be a hate crime, we would ask that you;

Danger – If you feel in danger or immediately threatened please dial 999

Don’t respond –  get away from the situation and please make one of our volunteers or security aware they will advise you further if you are not in immediate danger please report it to the police by dialling 101 

Hate Crime – Please report by telling one of our volunteers or, you can dial 101 and report it to the Police.

Report Online – all incidents of Hate Crime can be reported online http://report-it.org.uk/your_police_force

The end of the march

The March ends on Broad Street in Hockley and there are a few points we would ask you to consider ;

Busy Crowds – It’s busy, there will be many people in the area. When you reach the top of Broad Street please move on quickly. Volunteers will direct you to Carlton Street or Goosegate.

You may wish to consider leaving the march before reaching either Lincoln Street or High Cross Street and make your way to your first venue of choice.

We recommend this if standing for long periods makes you tired or causes you pain. We also recommend this if you feel overwhelmed by crowds.

If you do feel worried or overwhelmed please make one of our volunteers aware and they will direct you further.

Pride event, Hockley

Our event takes place in the historic Lace Market and Hockley our LGBT venues are all holding events and they will lead the celebrations.

The main venues in the area are;

  • No.27 Bar – Broad Street
  • The Lord Roberts – Broad Street
  • Propaganda – Broadway (follow Stoney Street)
  • The New Foresters – St Ann’s Street
  • Broadway Cinema – Broad Street

All the other Bars, restaurants in the area will be joining in the celebrations and really get involved in making the day enjoyable.

Many of the bars will have licenses to drink alcohol outside, within defined limits. Street drinking outside these areas is prohibited.

Pride stage

Our Pride stage will be located on Heathcoat Street and the event will kick off at 12.00.

Capacity – We monitor the number of people within the area and when we have reached capacity people will be asked to move on.

Please don’t be offended if you are asked to move on it is for your own and others safety.

Crowd Barriers – The area will be marked out with crowd barriers with access to a footpath either side, anybody not within the barriers will be asked to move on by our security team.

Please respect their request it is to ensure we can keep you and others safe.

Alcohol – Alcohol is not permitted within the stage area. Please do not bring glass bottles into the area they are dangerous and we will ask you to leave.

Market stalls

There will be over 50 Market Stalls on George Street and Goosegate and they will be hosted by many different organisations all in support of our community. We recommend you take the time to visit our stalls and learn and speak about some of the services that may be of interest to you. 

Please respect the staff and volunteers hosting the stalls they are here to support and raise awareness. All have been carefully selected to ensure their values and policies are aligned to our LGBTQ+ community.

Suspicious activity

If you see any suspicious activity, unattended items or anything that concerns you. Please report it to a member of our security team. If there is an immediate danger contact the emergency services 999 and get away from the situation.